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Year 6


Miss Jackson

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Mrs Bell

Hello my name is Miss Jackson and I would like to welcome you to Year 6. I would also like to introduce you to Mrs Bell who is the teaching assistant in Year 6. In Year 6 we link different areas of the curriculum through our topic work.


What are the three topics and why we are teaching these?

In Year 6, our three key topics are ‘Children in WW2’, ‘Fairtrade’ and ‘Anglo-Saxon Britain’.


Autumn Term-WW2:

In Year 5 we learned about the causes and the impact that WW1 had on the United Kingdom and the world. Our topic, ‘Children in WW2’, aims to build on this previous knowledge. In addition to this, we strive to broaden our understanding of how these events influenced the lives of children during the 1930s-40s. We also intend to provide a comparative way of life allowing us to understand how our ancestors lived during this period of British History.


Spring Term-Anglo-Saxon Britain:

In this topic, we learn about the ancient past of Britain. We review our learning of Roman Britain (Year 3 Topic) and explore how the Roman departure during the 5th century allowed the Anglo-Saxons to settle from mainland Europe. We explore how the kingdoms of England formed as a united country under Alfred the Great and come to understand how Christianity became the dominant religion. In addition to this, we aim to better understand the people of this time and reflect on how their actions helped to create the country that we live in.


Summer Term-Fairtrade:

Our Fairtrade topic aims to teach us about where some of our food comes from. This unit builds on and reviews our Year 3 topic ‘Farm to Fork’. It encourages us to think sustainably about where we source our own food. We are taught how money works its way down to the producers of our food and how food producers around the world are supported to live a life of equality. In addition to this, we explore the climate and terrain of Fairtrade locations (via map work) and discover how these unique locations produce unique products.


What are our mini-topics and why are we teaching these?

In Year 6, our mini-topics are separated into three parts and are taught at the end of each main topic.

Autumn Term 2-Life Skills: Budgeting and Saving

During this mini-topic we understand how money can be spent impulsively and the impact that this can have. We learn to present ideas on how to spend money and delegate money effectively over time. We keep records of the money that we spend and the money that we generate from enterprise. We also learn what taxes are and how this impacts on our profits from sales. In addition to this, we explore the benefits of saving money. The intention of this topic is to give us the opportunity to see how money works in everyday life. Risk is real in this topic; profit is not guaranteed.

Spring Term 2 Country: (The Arctic Circle: The Impact of Global Warming)

In this mini-topic we explore the terrain, ecosystem and environment of the arctic circle, comparing its unique landscape with other places around the world. Furthermore, we look at how the size and shape of the Arctic Circle has changed in recent times and explore the possible environmental reasons behind this. The intention behind this is to understand how to live sustainably and recognise the significant changes the planet will undergo during our lifetime. We learn that we are the future caretakers of the planet and it will be the decisions that we make that influence the future of the Earth.

Summer Term 2 Global Issue: The Windrush Generation

The intent behind this mini-topic is to better understand how a generation of men and women from the Caribbean were actively encouraged to migrate to the United Kingdom after WW2. We learn how this group of people supported the country in a time of need and how their culture and values helped to make the United Kingdom more diverse. In addition to this, we explore the recent injustice that the Windrush Generation have experienced and discuss the importance of tolerance and respect. In addition to this we explore what it means to be ‘British’ and how this has changed over time as the country has become more diverse. The intention of this mini-topic is to show us that although the United Kingdom is a diverse country, pockets of intolerance do exist. We aim to better understand the mistakes made in the past and realise that what we do and say does matter.



What are you trying to achieve in your year group?

In Year 6, we aim to bring together the skills that we have learnt throughout our school careers so far. We aim to use them in practical ways to learn more about the world and our place in it. In addition to this, it is hoped that we understand the difference between right and wrong knowing that our decisions can have an influence beyond ourselves. Furthermore, it is important that we understand the terms; respect, reflection and resilience and that we are able to put these skills in to practice.

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