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Year 4


Miss Ward


Miss Haynes

Hello my name is Miss Ward would like to welcome you to Year 4. I would also like to introduce you to Miss Haynes who is a TA.


What are the three topics and why we are teaching these?

In Year 4, our three key topics are ‘Egyptians, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Natural Disasters’.

Autumn Term- Egyptians:

In this topic, we learn about the ancient past of the Egyptians. We review our learning of the Stone Age and Ice Age from previous years and begin to build a time line in our minds.  During our topic, we explore the similarities and differences of the Egyptian civilisation to that of our own. We learn key historic people who made an impact in Ancient Egyptians, whilst learning about the key human and physical geography of the country. 

Spring Term- Titanic:

In KS1, we learned about events beyond living memory that are significant nationally such as the Great Fire of London and our Royal Family.  In Year 4 we aim to build on this previous knowledge, as the children are asked to use sources to show how the lives of rich and poor people from the past differed as well as how the actions of people caused the Titanic to sink.  We also examine how some of the event during the Titanic’s voyage have influenced life today.

Summer Term-Natural Disasters:

Natural Disasters provide a particularly appropriate context for exploring and investigating key geographical ideas and concepts.  In Year 4 we build on the knowledge of volcanoes in Year 3 to study other disasters, which may occur, and how this can affect everyday life.  We then use images, photographs and maps as prompts for recalling physical and human features observed at different location, whist also understanding how people have to rebuild their lives following an incident.  The children will also have the opportunity to really secure their map knowledge by locating countries where natural disasters occur.


What are our mini-topics and why are we teaching these?

In Year 4, our mini-topics are separated into three parts and are taught at the end of each main topic. They include:

Autumn Term 2- Life Skills: Planning a Route

During this mini-topic, children will begin to understand and us bus timetables.  They will get to use maps of the local area to plan their own route on a bus to get to a specified destination.  These skills will help the children become more independent and begin to prepare the children for when they leave Laughton Junior and Infant School.   

Spring Term 2- Country: (Mexico)

In this mini-topic we explore the terrain, ecosystem and environment of the Mexico, comparing its unique landscape with England. Furthermore, we look at how the climate, jobs, transport and homes of the people living in the Mexico differ from those around us and understand that climate has a significant impact on our daily lives.

Summer term 2: Global Issue: Refugees

The intent behind this mini-topic is to better understand that refugees are normal people too.  It is vital that we expose the children to different cultures and allow them to understand that some people (including children) have to leave their country to enable them to build a better life.  During these lessons we will build on our previous map work and explore the journeys some refugees have taken in the past.  


What are you trying to achieve in your year group?

In Year 4, we aim to bring together the skills that we have learnt throughout our school careers so far. We aim to use them in practical ways to learn more about the world and our place in it. In addition to this, it is hoped that we are beginning to understand the difference between right and wrong, knowing that our decisions can have an influence beyond ourselves. Furthermore, it is important that we understand the terms; respect, reflection and resilience and that we are able to put these skills into practice.

In Year 4 we also participate in swimming lessons at the local swimming baths and we work with Miss. Thompson-Smith from the Rotherham Music Service learning to play the ukulele.

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