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Physical Edcuation

Ofsted came to look at our sports provision and the way in which we promote a healthy lifestyle in school in September 2017. 


We are delighted to once again have been awarded Gold Sport Mark for School Games in 2018-19.

Please read some of the children's views about sport and PE provision in our school.


Do you think it is important to learn swimming and why?


“It’s important as it’s an education and it’s important for our safety.”


“It’s important because if we fell in water and couldn’t swim you’d drown.”


“Helps you to be calmer if you fall in. If you were playing near the sea or a pool and slipped you’d be able to survive.”


Since going swimming do you think your skills have improved?


“I didn’t know I could do a handstand and I can hold my breath for longer.”


“I can swim exactly the same as before but I still enjoy it.”


“I have improved swimming on my back and I’m more confident in holding my breath.”


“I can now swim under the water without holding my nose.”


If you could change one thing about our swimming lessons, what would it be?


“I want more time and to do more fun activities like jumping in, diving for things and handstands.”


“I’d like to do some swimming competitions like races. We could also learn to dive off the diving boards.”


“I don’t like getting changed in front of people, I’d like a private changing room.”

"Can you tell the swimming teachers thank you for teaching us?


Do you enjoy taking part in football fixtures and why?


“Good as we get to play different teams. I know some people from other teams from Anston Rangers.”


“It’s good to represent the school and it’s good exercise”


“It’s good as we get to experience different positions that we don’t get to play in on a Sunday. I played in the net yesterday.”


If you could change anything about our football league what would it be?


“I’d like to play more home matches so my family can come and watch.”


“We only play 20 minutes each way.”


“I want to see where we are in the league or where the other teams are.”


Children would like an away kit, a football kit in bigger sizes “the kit doesn’t fit me properly”.


“We could have a training day so we can practice properly as a team.”


Does playing in our fixtures inspire you to join a team (if you don’t already) or play more football?


“I like playing football, it’s my hobby.”


“I like it better than playing on a Sunday as there’s less commitment, it’s free.”


“It helped me join a team, I started playing for a team since playing for school.”

PE Skills Progression


PE Skills Progression


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