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Admission to school

All applications to our school must be made through Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Children and Young People's Services. You can contact the primary admissions on 01709 823777 for more information.

Parents of Pupils due to start full time primary school


If your child is due to start full time primary school you should receive a letter from the council before the end of August the year before they are due to start school. This letter sets out the procedure for applying for a school place and where to get further information from.


If your child lives in Rotherham you must complete an application for them to attend primary school before the closing date of 15 January.  You can apply for any school not just those in Rotherham.


If you are a parent of a child, who will start full time primary school in September and you have not received a letter by the end of August the year before they are due to start school, please contact an Admissions officer on the telephone number above and information will be sent to you.

Once your child has received a place at school, please fill in this form and hand it in to the office.

JMAT Student Data Form


Nursery Applications

If you wish your child to attend our part time Foundation Stage 1 class (Nursery) you must complete and return the form below to school in order to put your child’s name down on our admissions list. Our Foundation Stage 1 class is from 8.45am – 11.45am 5 days a week.

Admissions Form Nursery


Places are allocated according to the Rotherham schools' admissions criteria.


A member of staff will contact you at the beginning of the Summer term before the school year in which your child is due to start.

How to apply through Rotherham Admissions - How to apply for a school place

School Admissions Enquiry

Admissions and Appeals

Primary Application Booklet

Admissions 2025-2026

Admissions 2024-2025

Admissions 2023-2024

Admissions Appeals

Admissions Policy

Nursery Application Form

Nursery - Parent Declaration Form

Under Consultation 18th December  23 - 29th January 24

Admission agreement 25-26

Changes made to the Admission agreement include

  • ​Removing information that parents do not need to consider making the agreement more user friendly

  • Adding within the Admission criteria provision during application for twins, triplets or siblings born in the same academic year to be treated as equals

  • PAN (Published Admission Numbers) numbers highlighted under appendix 1 to cover all schools within the trust. 

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