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Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum is designed to develop cultural capital in order for our pupils to become educated citizens and prepare them for the world beyond Laughton.


We aim to do this by creating opportunities for children to acquire skills and knowledge in all subject areas as well as develop key life skills and explore world issues. 


Curriculum Intent

At Laughton Junior and Infant School, we value the importance of key life skills in order for children to face the realities of the world and be successful. We want each and every child to reach their full potential, whilst having an enjoyable and memorable time at school.


Our school curriculum embraces the National Curriculum and EYFS statutory framework providing a strong foundation on which to build our three values.  We aim to develop the children’s resilience and encourage them to ask questions, solve problems and reflect on their learning.  We want to develop inquisitive minds and promote a deeper philosophical level of thinking where everyone’s views are listened to and valued. Our links with the local community are strong and the positive partnership developed between home and school enables our children to thrive in all areas, whilst valuing diversity and promoting mutual respect for each other.


Our curriculum is underpinned by the progression of skills and knowledge and promotes a love of reading, whilst also providing engaging, meaningful experiences, which will inspire learning and challenge.  Teachers plan sessions around the development of each skill, which supports the acquisition of knowledge and a deeper understanding.


We embrace a range of teaching and learning approaches that best enable all pupils to access the curriculum and allow teachers to follow their strengths and passions. Our learners take responsibility for their own learning journey; making choices, working collaboratively, articulating ideas clearly and respecting others’ ideas and opinions.  We empower them to be open to feedback enabling them to improve their work and make progress.

Our Curriculum





Religious Education


SMSC / British Values







Design and Technology



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